The Umwelt Approach

Following our #DiversityInEcology theme, Ben Whittaker discusses mental health from the perspective of the umwelt. Cognitive philosophers use the term umwelt to describe the epicentre of being. Your umwelt is your own personal environment, a foundation on which to build your self-centred world view. As you encounter new experiences your umwelt evolves with you, changing not only the way your mind interacts with the world … Continue reading The Umwelt Approach

Being 100% of Yourself

Nobody should have to hide who they are. Unfortunately, many people in the LGBT+ community feel too shy or nervous to come out in the workplace. Following our #DiversityInEcology theme, in this blog post PhD student Chloe Robinson tells us what initiative she has been recently involved with that aim to support students, help tackle any issues of discrimination or unfair treatment in the workplace due to … Continue reading Being 100% of Yourself