Get Involved

Promoting research outcomes

The Animal Ecology in Focus blog offers a great platform to discuss science and share new discoveries.  The blog content is intended to highlight the latest articles published in the Journal of Animal Ecology.  However, it also serves as a forum for a wider discussion of topics in the field of animal ecology. For details see the blog aims and scope. If you would like to contribute please contact us and check out our blog writing guidelines.

Podcast series

On the blog, we also host podcasts including Field Reports, Author Interviews and Audio Abstracts. Field Reports feature interviews with animal ecologists about their fieldwork experiences. Author Interviews focus on the work published in the journal. Audio Abstracts are an audio version of your paper’s abstract and any additional stories related to the paper you might like to narrate.  If you would like to get involved please let us know.

Guidelines for submitting your Audio Abstract

In order to reach a wider range of audience, you can now provide an audio version of your paper’s abstract and any additional stories related to the paper you might like to narrate. You do not need any prior experience and no need to worry about audio editing. Just record it using one of the free audio recording apps and we will edit and upload them to audio/podcast hosting websites.

What you need

Any of the free recording apps/software such as:

  • Mac: Garageband (Free)
  • Windows: Audacity (Free)
  • iphone: Voice memo (built-in)
  • Android: Many free Google play apps

Final abstract of your paper in Journal of Animal Ecology.

What to do

Start with reading out your paper title. Then read out the abstract as if you are narrating it. Make sure there is not much noise or wind during your recording. Sit in a room with minimal background noise and start recording. It might help to practice reading it out loud before you actually hit the record button. If you make any mistakes, read the whole sentence again.

Once you record the abstract, you may choose to add additional explanations or stories related to the paper in a separate audio. Perhaps you can explain the main figures/results or implications in further details. You may choose to make it conversational with your co-authors or anyone! But try to keep the whole audio within 5 to 10 minutes. Don’t worry about editing the audio, just send us the raw recording file by email or through Google Drive to the Editorial Office: along with an image, a few key words and a short description.