Editor news: summer 2022

This summer, we’re pleased to welcome both a new Associate Editor, Kate Pereira Maia, and a new Research Highlights Editor in Mariano A. Rodriguez-Cabal. Get to know them here. Research Highlights Editor: Mariano A. Rodriguez-Cabal Grupo de Ecologia de Invasiones, INIBIOMA – CONICET – Universidad del Comahue, Patagonia, Argentina. Mariano is a community ecologist with broad interests in the factors that generate, maintain and threaten … Continue reading Editor news: summer 2022

Ecosystem restoration – insights from theory

This blog post is provided by Klementyna Gawecka and tells the #StoryBehindThePaper for the paper “Habitat restoration in spatially explicit metacommunity models“, which was recently published in Journal of Animal Ecology. Healthy ecosystems are vital for supporting the great diversity of life on Earth and providing us, humans, with benefits such as clean water, flood mitigation or recreation. But our activities, such as pollution, overexploitation or clearing … Continue reading Ecosystem restoration – insights from theory