Becoming Dr Daddy: The concerns of a PhD parent

Following our #DiversityInEcology theme, this blog talks about the challenges of academic parenthood from the perspective of Andy Seaton, a PhD student at the University of St Andrews. I am just coming to the end of my first year as a PhD candidate in ecological statistics.  I am also a father to a 3 year-old boy and partner to a recent PhD graduate (Dr Mummy) who has … Continue reading Becoming Dr Daddy: The concerns of a PhD parent

Who Cares?

Following our #DiversityInEcology theme, this blog post talks about balancing childcare with a career in academia. Isabel Smallegange is an Associate Professor of population biology at the University of Amsterdam. She regularly blogs about the topics of work-life balance and gender balance from the perspective of an academic, parent and partner over on her personal site. Isabel would be curious to hear how others copes with similar … Continue reading Who Cares?