Video: Nowhere to Hide

A couple of weeks ago, we heard from Dr Craig DeMars about his recent publication on linear features and predator-prey dynamics in the forests of Canada. Craig has been kind enough to share some of the camera-trap footage obtained from this study, which we have used to create a short video summarising the research. Check it out below! Nowhere to hide… from Journal of Animal Ecology … Continue reading Video: Nowhere to Hide

Field Reports: Julie Morand-Ferron

For this episode of fieldwork stories, I spoke to Dr Julie Morand-Ferron of the University of Ottawa about bird and insect cognition, science communication for the public, of being a scientist, and fieldwork anecdotes of designing a skinner box for birds. More about Julie.    Video trailer: Podcast: You can listen to the future episodes of the podcast on iTunes, or by searching ‘British Ecological Society … Continue reading Field Reports: Julie Morand-Ferron