Which GLM?

Many papers refer to the use of GLMs in their analyses – but are you sure you know to which statistical approach they refer? Professor Daniel Blumstein and Associate Professor Noa Pinter-Wollman (University of California, Los Angeles) are here to clear up any confusion, and suggest a path going forwards… Statistics have evolved rapidly and the proliferation of acronyms sometimes creates novel problems, particularly for … Continue reading Which GLM?

Countdown to ISEC!

There are only three more days to register for the next International Statistical Ecology Conference (ISEC). Many workshops are now fully-booked, but there is still a significant line-up of invited sessions, general speakers, and social events on offer. And with so many statistical ecologists attending, this conference promises to be well above average! But for those of you facing uncertainty, Dr Rachel McCrea, Chair of the ISEC Scientific … Continue reading Countdown to ISEC!