New Associate Editors

Journal of Animal Ecology is pleased to welcome Sandra Bouwhuis (Institute of Avian Research, Germany), Anna Eklöf (Linköping University, Sweden) and Elisa Thebault (Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France) to the board of Associate Editors. They have all joined on a three-year term and you can find out more about them below.

Sandra Bouwhuis

Sandra isBouwhuis, S an evolutionary ecologist with a specific interest in the causes and consequences of within-individual change in life-history traits and between-individual variation in life-history strategies. She mostly conducts analyses on long- term individual-based data sets collected in wild bird populations and is currently running the long-term life-history project on common terns (Sterna hirundo)

Anna Eklöf

SONY DSCAnna is an ecologist with a special interest in theoretical ecology. She is fascinated by the diversity of life we see around us and how the intricate network of species interactions and abiotic factors act together and form our ecosystems. Her research focus is on theory and modelling related to the structure dynamics of ecological networks. The goal with her research is to provide detailed understanding of the factors driving network structure and thereby increase our knowledge about ecosystem functioning and systemwide responses to different kinds of disturbances. She is also particularly interested in the coupling to ecosystem service delivery.

Elisa Thebault

Thebault, E cropedElisa is interested in the processes that determine the structure of networks of interactions between species, and in the consequences of these network structures on community dynamics and ecosystem functioning. She mainly uses dynamical models and empirical data analyses to investigate these questions in a variety of ecological networks and ecosystems (e.g. plant-pollinator networks, plant-herbivore webs, soil food webs).


You can find out about all our Associate Editors here.

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