Volume 86:2 a slideshow

86_2 cover
A Mediterranean mouflon female monitored by a GPS collar in southern France (Caroux-Espinouse massif): its movements are largely determined by familiarity and linear features, with consequence on the design of its home range. Photo credit: Pascal Marchand.


Issue 86:2 is now out including TWO In Focus papers! The first is by Jason Chapman titled “Honey buzzards don’t always make a beeline” and looks at the paper  “Seasonal detours by soaring migrants shaped by wind regimes along the East Atlantic Flyway” by Wouter Vansteelant et al.

The second “Bold perch live life in the fast lane” by Bart Adriaenssens looks at the paper by Shinnosuke Nakayama et al. titled “Fast–slow life history is correlated with individual differences in movements and prey selection in an aquatic predator in the wild“.

We also have papers on climate ecology, community ecology, population ecology, spatial ecology and evolutionary ecology.

To make the most of all the great photos from our authors below is a slideshow of the best images.

Simon Hoggart
Assistant Editor, Journal of Animal Ecology

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