Introducing Field Reports podcast

Do you have stories of fieldwork that you would like to share?  Maybe about the day you first saw a wild elephant, or the biggest ant that has ever crawled on your pants, or perhaps fieldwork failures, challenges and surprises? Do you want to talk about science, or your ‘Attenborough’ moments, or maybe just communicate to the general public about what you do when you go on field trips?

Here is an opportunity to explain your fieldwork research to the general public through the Field Reports podcast. Please contact us if you want to share your stories, or for any further questions.

You can provide us with pictures and videos of fieldwork, study animals, and research-in- action. We compile them to make a short video teaser for the podcast episode. The podcast and the teaser aim to bring your fieldwork science to the general public, students and other researchers.

Field Reports with Nathan Sanders

For the first episode, I interviewed Nathan Sanders, a ‘formal professional wrestler’ and an ecologist at the University of Vermont. We talk about his first fieldwork experience, ants, plants, a skunk, why study biodiversity, WARM and SALT projects that he is involved in, advice for students, and many personal stories. More about Nate:

Here is a short video teaser for the episode:

Watch this space tomorrow to listen to the full podcast.

You can also listen to the podcast on Soundcloud, iTunes, or by searching ‘British Ecological Society Journals’ (and then look for ‘FieldReports’ playlist) on your favourite podcast hosting app. Field reports is hosted  on the British Ecological Society’s Soundcloud account.

Follow on Twitter–Guest: @Nate_J_Sanders,  Host: @ravindra_pn, Journal:@AnimalEcology

Credits: Photographs taken from, or provided by Nate, Music: Nihilore_Artifice (Freemusicarchive), Sound effects:, Additional footage:

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