Welcome to our new Associate Editors

We are pleased to welcome Ann Tate and Marie Auger-Méthé who have all recently joined the Journal of Animal Ecology Associate Editor Board.

Tate, AAnn T. Tate

Department of Biological Sciences, Vanderbilt University, USA

Ann combines theoretical and experimental approaches to understand the proximate and ultimate sources of natural variation in immune responses and their consequences for disease dynamics. She has a particular interest in the role of ontogenetic factors in structuring susceptibility and exposure to infection in natural populations. Her experimental work utilizes flour beetles and their parasites to explore feedbacks among the molecular, organismal, and population levels of biological organization.

Auger-Méthé, MMarie Auger-Méthé

Dept. of Statistics and Institute for the Oceans & Fisheries
University of British Columbia

Marie is broadly interested in developing and applying statistical tools to infer behavioural and population processes from empirical data. While she is mostly interested in marine and polar mammals, the methods she develops are often applicable to a wide range of species and ecosystems. Her current work centres on modelling animal behaviour using movement data. She specializes in the analysis of data with spatial and/or temporal structure.

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