Field Reports: Liam Bailey

We are back with another episode of the Field Reports podcast. I interviewed Dr. Liam Bailey of the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (IZW) in Berlin. We discuss climate change, R software, fieldwork stories and much more. To give you taste of what we chat about check out some pictures from his field work below:


Read his recent paper: Habitat selection can reduce effects of extreme climatic events in a long‐lived shorebird.

You can listen to the future episodes of the podcast on iTunes, or by searching ‘British Ecological Society Journals’ (and then look for ‘FieldReports’ playlist) on your favorite podcast hosting app. Field Reports is hosted on the British Ecological Society’s Soundcloud account.

Host: @ravindra_pn;

Guest: @ldbailey255 Website:

Photographs provided by Liam

Music credits:

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