New Associate Editors

We are pleased to welcome Rob Salguero-Gómez, University of Oxford, Hannah White, University Colluge Dublin and Elise Zipkin, Michigan State University to the Journal of Aniamal Ecology Associate Editor Board.

Rob Salguero-Gómez

Salguero-Gomez, RRob’s research examines (i) the evolution of -and escape from- senescence across a wide range of species (e.g. seabirds, koalas, humans, flatworms, plants, etc.) and ecosystems, (ii) the usage of functional-trait approaches to predict population dynamics in stochastic environments, (iii) demographic models to test ecological and evolutionary hypotheses, and (iv) the integration of demography with sister disciplines to develop sound conservation management plans. Rob won the 2016 Elton Prize for his paper COMADRE: a global data base of animal demography.

Hannah White

White, HHannah is a terrestrial macroecologist exploring factors that shape spatial and temporal variation in biodiversity across multiple taxonomic groups, and the impact of this variation on ecosystem functioning and its stability. She is particularly interested in patterns of functional diversity and turnover in ecological traits across the landscape, as well as how these patterns are affected by global change. Hannah is the winner of the 2018 Elton Prize, for her paper Contribution of local rarity and climatic suitability to local extinction and colonization varies with species traits.

Elise Zipkin

Zipkin, EElise is a quantitative ecologist studying the factors that shape the demography, distribution, and abundance of animal populations and communities across space and time. Her research combines empirical data with quantitative methods to address questions related to how environmental and climate conditions influence population and community dynamics and trends. She is also interested in conservation management.

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