2019 Elton Prize shortlist: Journal of Animal Ecology award for early career researchers

The Elton Prize is awarded by the British Ecological Society each year for the best paper in Journal of Animal Ecology written by an early career author at the start of their research career. Today we are pleased to present the shortlisted papers for this year’s award, based on the previous (88th) volume of the journal.

The winner will be selected in the coming weeks so watch this space for future announcements.

This year’s shortlisted candidates are:

Cue identification in phenology: a case study of the predictive performance of current statistical tools – Emily Simmonds

Inferring longitudinal hierarchies: Framework and methods for studying the dynamics of dominance – Eli Strauss

Ecosystem function in predator-prey food webs – confronting dynamic models with empirical data – Alva Curtsdotter

Warming can destabilise predator-prey interactions by shifting the functional response from Type III to Type II – Uriah Daugaard

Spatial synchrony in sub-arctic geometrid moth outbreaks reflects dispersal in larval and adult lifecycle stages – Ole Petter Laksforsmo Vindstad

Insectivorous bats integrate social information about species identity, conspecific activity, and prey abundance to estimate cost-benefit ratio of interactions – Daniel Lewanzik

Invasive species reduces parasite prevalence and neutralizes negative environmental effects on parasitism in a native mosquito – Katie M. Westby

Elevational cline in herbivore abundance driven by a monotonic increase in trophic level sensitivity to aridity – Annika S. Nelson

Primary productivity and habitat protection predict elevational species richness and community biomass of large mammals on Mt. Kilimanjaro – Friederike Gebert

Temperature variation makes an ectotherm more sensitive to global warming unless thermal evolution occurs – Julie Verheyen


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