Welcome to our new Associate Editors

We are pleased to welcome Greta Bocedi University of Aberdeen and Beatriz Willink University of Costa Rica who have  joined the Journal of Animal Ecology Associate Editor Board today!

Greta Bocedi

Bocedi, BGreta’s research aims to understand ecological, evolutionary and eco-evolutionary dynamics of species adaptations and behaviours in space and during environmental changes, their consequences for population dynamics, persistence and diversification, and for species’ responses to rapid environmental changes. Greta uses theoretical models, mainly genetically- and spatially-explicit models, to generate fundamental understanding. She also aims at translating this fundamental understanding into theory-grounded applications that can be used for both strategic and tactical modelling to aid management interventions. Major focusses at the moment are on the joint evolution of dispersal, mating systems and inbreeding and on integrating genetic, ecological and evolutionary processes in models aimed at understanding species’ responses to ongoing environmental changes.

Beatriz Willink

Willink, BBeatriz is interested in the evolution of phenotypic variation and seeks to integrate ecological, developmental and phylogenetic perspectives into her research. Her current work focuses on the macroevolutionary dynamics and molecular basis of inter-sexual mimicry and sex-limited colour morphs. She primarily studies damselflies, but has a weak spot for frogs.

You can find out about all our Associate Editors here


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