Second Journal of Animal Ecology Sidnie Manton – Shortlisted papers

Today we are excited to announce the shortlisted papers for the second Sidnie Manton Award. The Sidnie Manton Award was launched in 2016 as new competition for early-career ecologists to write a Synthesis or Review article for the journal.

We’re delighted to have four highly topical review papers lead by early career researchers to choose from. On the blog, we’ll have posts from authors of the shortlisted papers, the winner will be selected in the coming weeks so watch this space for future announcements!

demonstrating to students
Sidnie Manton demonstrating to students at Cambridge University. Photo kindly provided by Elizabeth Clifford.

Shortlisted papers

The Sidnie Manton Award is run in accordance with the BES equality and diversity principles.  Each of these articles was successfully submitted for consideration, they passed the initial proposal review stage as well as the full rigorous peer review process for Journal of Animal Ecology.

Third Sidnie Manton Award

To be considered for the next round of the Sidnie Manton Award Early Career researchers should simply submit their Synthesis or Review paper directly to the journal and mention in the cover letter that it is to be considered for the Award. Early Career Researchers are welcome to send presubmission enquires for potential submissions to be considered by a Senior Editor but it is not necessary to do so. We are simplifying the process to enter the award to allow us to present the Sidnie Manton Award annually.

Submit here


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