Journal of Animal Ecology is moving online-only


As an important update in the journal’s development, we are pleased to announce that, from January 2019, Journal of Animal Ecology will be moving online-only.


  • Moving online-only means we can publish more regularly and we will be releasing 12 issues per year.
  • It also makes the journal more efficient and environmentally friendly. We will be reducing paper use and no longer shipping hard copies around the world.


  • This change will come in from January 2019 with the first issue of Volume 88.

Does the submission / review process change?

  • No. You can still submit your paper online and manuscripts will continue to be subject to our usual peer review process.

How do I gain access?

  • Becoming a member of the British Ecological Society gives you access to Journal of Animal Ecology and the other five BES journals. Find out more about membership here.
  • Details about online subscriptions to the journal can be found here.

I still have questions …

  • Please email

We hope you enjoy this exciting new journal development.

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