Field Reports: Chandra Salgado Kent

Is sound pollution too much? Does it get on your nerves easily? What about sound under water? For this episode of the Field Reports podcast, I interviewed Dr. Chandra Salgado Kent of Curtin University in Australia about her work on marine animals and the noise underwater. We discuss marine bio-acoustics, conservation, behaviour, whales, dolphins and more. Trailer: Podcast: You can listen to the future episodes of … Continue reading Field Reports: Chandra Salgado Kent

Strategic pauses in female elephant seals

A recent paper published in the Journal of Animal Ecology has found that poor-quality female southern elephant seals use breeding pauses as a tactic to produce more offspring over their lifetime.  Here to tell us more are three of the authors: Marine Desprez, Clive McMahon and Rob Harcourt. Breeding is a costly activity. In long-lived multiparous animals, some individuals may skip one or several breeding … Continue reading Strategic pauses in female elephant seals

A Marine Mammal Odyssey!

Our Blog Editor, Dr Sarah Marley, reports back on last month’s Society for Marine Mammalogy (SMM) conference in Halifax, Canada. Last month saw over 2,000 marine mammalogists travel to Halifax, Nova Scotia for the 22nd Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals.  This year’s theme was “A Marine Mammal Odyssey, Eh!” and incorporated the Canadian flair that was a strong feature throughout the week.  … Continue reading A Marine Mammal Odyssey!