Ecophysiological feedbacks under climate change

Variability in heat tolerance among populations modifies the climate-driven periods of diurnal activity expected for ectotherm species. This phenomenon is illustrated for Iberian lizards in a paper recently published in the Journal of Animal Ecology. Lead author Dr Salvador Herrando-Pérez is a generalist ecologist with expertise in community ecology, demography, ecophysiology and palaeoecology, and currently undertaking his second postdoc. Here, he explains the approach used … Continue reading Ecophysiological feedbacks under climate change

Volume 86:4 slideshow

Issue 86:4 is now out. The In Focus in this issue is by Jonathan De Long and looks at the paper by Yuanhu Shao on “Nitrogen deposition cancels out exotic earthworm effects on plant‐feeding nematode communities”. We also an review paper by Remington J. Moll which features on the cover titled “The many faces of fear: a synthesis of the methodological variation in characterizing predation … Continue reading Volume 86:4 slideshow