Volume 86:4 slideshow

86_4 cover
One of the many faces of fear: a leopard (Panthera pardus) lurking in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania. Photo Credit: RECaP Laboratory, Michigan State University (recaplaboratory.com).

Issue 86:4 is now out. The In Focus in this issue is by Jonathan De Long and looks at the paper by Yuanhu Shao on “Nitrogen deposition cancels out exotic earthworm effects on plant‐feeding nematode communities”.

We also an review paper by Remington J. Moll which features on the cover titled “The many faces of fear: a synthesis of the methodological variation in characterizing predation risk”.

The paper by Sandra Stålhandske on the effect of mild winters on butterflies and the paper by Charlotte Underwood on how light pollution alters trophic interactions of intertidal invertebrates both previously featured on here are included in this issue.

As always to make the most of all the great photos from our authors below is a slideshow of the best images.

Simon Hoggart
Assistant Editor, Journal of Animal Ecology

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