Open Call for Papers: Special Feature on Biologging

With the recent advances in GPS and sensor technology, including three-axis accelerometers, it has become possible to simultaneously track multiple animals with a high accuracy while recording detailed information about their physiological status and measuring their energy expenditures. By providing a huge amount of accurate data in real time, biologging enables the uncovering of the hidden lives of animals in the wild. The recent explosion of this field over the last decade offers a unique opportunity to better understand the functional role and consequences of variation in animal movements on individual fitness, population dynamics, and community functioning, and to assess reliably the ecological and evolutionary interactions among individuals within a population and among species within a community. The understanding of the interplay of movement, behaviour and physiology that biologging offers has applied relevance for a range of fields, including evolutionary ecology, wildlife conservation and behavioural ecology.

Here, we launch a call for papers on Biologging for publication in a Special Feature in 2019. Manuscripts should be submitted in the usual way through the Journal of Animal Ecology website, clearly stating in the cover letter accompanying the submission that you wish to be considered for publication as part of this Special Feature. Pre-submission enquiries are not necessary, but any questions can be directed to:

UPDATE: Deadline extended to 19 Octber 2018, with an expected issue publication date of May 2019. Of course, as usual, accepted papers will be published online as soon as they are ready in Early View.

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