Rainbow Research: Contribute to our Pride Month Blog Series!

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Following the success of last year’s Rainbow Research blog series, we are once again inviting contributions from LGBTQ+ ecologists and evolutionary biologists for a series of blog posts across the British Ecological Society journals to celebrate UK Pride Month this June.

The series aims to promote visibility and inclusion of researchers from the LGBTQ+ community with posts and videos promoting them and their research. Each post will be connected to a theme represented by one of the colours shown in the Progress Pride (a.k.a. Intersectional) Flag.

The themes are:

Red – Life
Orange – Healing
Yellow – Sunlight
Green – Nature
Blue – Harmony
Purple – Spirit
White/Pink/Blue – Transgender Pride
Black/Brown – LGBTQ2S+ Indigenous Peoples and People of Colour

Posts can link to any of these themes, whether the theme connects to your research or your identity/ies.

We’d be delighted if you would like to write a post or…

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